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Commercial Pest Control

Any type of pest within your premises could lose you valuable income, cause damage to stock and equipment and have a detrimental effect on your staff, your professional reputation and business.

We pride ourselves on our prompt, efficient and discreet service as well as our competitive prices.

We offer tailor made pest control packages dependant on the size of your premises, the nature of your business and the level of infestation. These can range from 8 visits over the year to 14 visits.

Which ever contract you have you will be guaranteed:

  • site visits by our professionally qualified pest controllers
  • internal and external inspections, plus treatment
  • all baits/insecticides and bait stations including in the price so there are no hidden costs
  • additional visits to quickly deal with initial infestations or tackle subsequent problematic pest activity
  • written reports and recommendations after each visit
  • a direct contact telephone number and point of contact
  • a competitive price.

Prior to commencement of any contract or job treatment,

NPCS will carry out a full site survey totally free of charge and with no obligation. This survey will detail our surveyor’s findings and their recommendations for treatment or prevention specific to the premises.

On completion of our survey we will discuss our findings with you and then tailor our services to suit your needs. This may be in the form of an emergency blitz treatment, or out of hours treatment if necessary to eradicate a current pest infestation.

Commercial Cockroach Control

NPCS are specially trained to control cockroach infestations at their source. We first employ chemical-free measures such as barriers, screens, sealant, door sweeps, insect traps, vacuuming, sanitation and the removal of food and harborage.

We treat it using targeted products tailored to attract roaches. Our modern techniques are informed by research on the way cockroaches feed to deliver active ingredients that eradicate infestations. The products that we use to kill cockroaches are the mildest products available, applied in the most targeted fashion, and used in the smallest effective dose.

Cockroaches enter buildings through deliveries, cracks and crevices, drains, potted plants, and employees’ handbags and lunches. Once inside, they subsist and breed on very little food from trash, crumbs beneath vending machines, and in kitchenettes and employee break-rooms.

Health Risks Posed by Cockroaches

Cockroaches pose numerous risks to human health. Contact with cockroaches should be avoided and their presence and eradication should be taken seriously. Health risks associated with cockroaches include:

  • Cockroach excrement and shed skins contain allergens that can cause watery eyes, sneezing, and skin rashes. Allergens associated with roaches can worsen asthma and chronic lung diseases. Cockroaches have been found to be an exacerbating factor in some fatal asthma attacks.
  • Pathogenic organisms are found on cockroaches and their feces. Cockroach-related pathogens cause food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery, and nausea.
  • Because cockroaches breed in and walk across filthy areas including sewers, toilets, garbage, and waste, they deposit bacteria and germs from these areas on any surfaces they walk across including food preparation areas.

Different species of cockroach differ in their behavior, habits, and biology. Your NPCS professional will assess the infestation by properly identifying the species.


These fast moving insects thrive by using their flat bodies to conceal themselves in tight, dark spaces. Prolific breeders, they seek out food, moisture, heat, and dark places conducive to hiding and breeding, and access structures by moving along cracks and crevices and Pipes.

American Cockroach

The American cockroach, the largest of the common roaches, measures 1.5 inches in length and is reddish-brown in colour. The adult American cockroach is easily distinguished by its large size, large folded wings, and pale-colour border at the top of its head. Nymphs are gray-brown in colour. American cockroaches can live for more than a year and in that time a single cockroach can produce over 1,400 young.

German Cockroach

The German cockroach is small, 0.5 inch, tan-colour and is a prolific breeder and can appear in large numbers. Nymphs may appear darker than adults. The adult German cockroach is easily distinguished by two dark stripes on its head. They generally live less than one year, though a single adult female can produce over 350 young in her lifetime.

Oriental Cockroach

Measuring about 1 inch long, the Oriental cockroach can be distinguished by its shiny dark brown-black coloring. Sometimes referred to as a “water bug,” this species of roach prefers a damp environment, often enters structures through sewer lines, and congregates in damp basements. The Oriental cockroach and can produce well over 100 young in its lifetime.

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Commercial Rodent Control

Rodents gnaw wires and contribute to fires. They are disease vectors and the odour from their faeces and urine ruins inventory, insulation and walls. Businesses that distribute, warehouse, and process food are at the greatest risk of rodent infestation, because the presence of food attracts rodents and enables their populations to quickly increase. Our affordable and sustainable methods deliver the highest standard of pest control service while simultaneously reducing over reliance on pesticides and rodenticides over time.

Sealing gaps to build rodents out is the best long-term solution to rodent infestation. Even small unprotected openings are an invitation to rodents. Rodents dart underexposed doors, climb across power lines and enter where flashing is inadequate and where gaps around pipe chases permit them to crawl inside. Gaps as small as a quarter inch provide enough access for rodents to infiltrate your building.

Doors lacking door sweeps are the most common rodent entry point. Many buildings are equipped with inadequate bristle-style door sweeps that are designed to reduce entry by insects, but these do little to exclude rodents, since mice and rats can chew or part their soft bristles. Sanitation is key to solving rodent problems. Our experts will advise the best plan for your business to keep rodents away permanently.

Regulatory Compliance

Whatever your site’s requirements, NPCS  Integrated Pest Management program to your unique auditing criteria so that your facility is inspection-ready.

We insure a clean, pest-free environment. We identify operational deficiencies within your facility including cleaning practices, trash removal, condensation areas, and the build-up of organic debris, and create recommendations that you can implement to eliminate conditions that support pests.

Commercial Bed Bug Control

Some commercial buildings feature offices and waiting rooms that serve the public. Buildings with a steady flow of visitors are particularly vulnerable to bed bug infestations, since bed bugs use hooks on their feet to hitchhike on clothing and belongings.

Private offices that are closed to the public can get bed bugs too. Employees can pick up bed bugs on public transportation or even at restaurants, so bed bugs may be brought to work without there being an infestation at a worker’s home.

When an employee does have an infestation at home, they may infest the workplace before they even realize that their home is infested. Because some people’s skin doesn’t react to bedbugs bites, and bed bugs are very good at hiding, an employee may not be aware that their home is infested. In fact, one study which featured the group least likely to have skin reactions, the elderly, demonstrated that up to half of those living in bed bug infested apartments didn’t know it because their skin didn’t react to bites.

Blame is useless when it comes to the origin of a bed bug infestation. Trying to figure out which employee may have brought the problem can cause more harm than good and make an employer vulnerable to discrimination, harassment or retaliation claims. Addressing the workforce as a whole and never singling out an individual are useful ways to avoid this risk.

When bed bugs are suspected in the workplace, materials on how to check one’s mattress and identify an infestation at home should be distributed to all employees at once, and an employer should state that their policy is to not single out any employee or tolerate an environment where others do so.

When an employee does have an infestation at home, unless they seek treatment your office could be re-infested. The best way to encourage employees to determine whether they have an infestation and seek the necessary treatment is to gather all of your employees together for an information session.

Having a bed bug infestation at work can result in loss of productivity, anxiety, and even negative media attention. NPCS understands the complexity of bed bug treatment so you can keep your focus where it should be, on your business.

Commercial Fly Control

It is a well known fact that flies pose a threat to health by transmitting disease. The minute hairs on their legs and feet pick up and retain bacteria.

Open windows and doors are a direct invitation to flying insects, which are attracted to the premises by the smell of food, warmth, and sometimes light. Once inside the flies leave dirty marks, which stain light fittings and window frames. However, of most concern, is the fact that they are carriers of diseases such as Salmonella, and can contaminate food products with their eggs, larvae and bacteria, causing at the very least client complaints


  • Not Hourly-Based – The exterminator will work until completion of your flies treatment.
  • Human-Safe Pest Control Methods – We use insecticides that are harmless to people and pet animals.
  • Same-Day Emergency Treatment – In case the situation is absolutely dire, then you can resort to an emergency pest control session.
  • Flexible Booking Slots – We can visit your property whenever it is most convenient for you, weekends and evenings included.

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Very efficient courteous service for control of cockroaches in my house. was very pleased with prompt service & politeness the technician. The charged price was fair with a year guaranteed control. First class service. highly recommended.

Shamim Akhtar

'Awesome' Superb friendly & did a Fabulous job. we are now completely sealed up and rats free. Best price for quality which comes with One year Guarantee, there is no sign of rats anymore.Strongly recommended. thanks for the Great Job.

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Excellent service. Highly recommend NPCS pest control.Technician phoned before arrival, arrived on time as agreed, and was very helpful, friendly and professional.Really impressed by this company. Managed to deal with a bed bugs problem..

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